The Tatz Group 's Media Strategy

The Tatz Group's media strategy revolves around multiple mediums, including Newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn and The Tatz Group 's Social Network.The use of a broad range of mediums allows The Tatz Group to reach an extensive range of candidates and hiring managers.

Newsletters - allows for scheduled contact with both candidates and employers, keeping everyone informed of the latest opportunities and available talent.

Facebook - use of the popular social gathering website keeps us in contact with our friends and allows us to keep in contact with them.
LinkedIn - use of LinkedIn allows clients and candidates to view our company profile and the individual profiles of our account managers and recruiters.

The Tatz Group Community - a social network that creates a meeting place for like-minded individuals to connect and share ideas on how to improve in their respective disciplines.

The Tatz Group will keep utilizing the latest technology to create avenues that facilitate quality matches.
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