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Have You Heard What They Say About Jeff Tatz?

Jeff is a tenacious recruiter who works hard to source hospital executive candidates based on our specific needs. Over the past several years, we've made numerous executive hires of candidates that he has presented. In addition, I often recommend him to our hospitals to assist with their hospital-level searches.” December 3, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Judi Godwin

Corporate Recruiter

Community Health Systems

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“"Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and personable, both are needed for his field of expertise. He is able to understand our corporate strategy and takes part in the getting to know our organization with great detail. Jeff is honest and up front in his interactions and takes a personal interest in placing the right folks in the right positions. His skills as a seasoned recruiter are great and his ability to make the right calls on placements are appreciated. Jeff is someone that makes you enjoy your work, he is looking to be a teambuilder and interacts with us as a member of our team.. He always keeps his eye on the goal of our organization."

Jennifer Susi, Recruitment Manager
Asante Health System Recruitment Team

"When I came to Northwest Regional as the CEO of this facility, one of my top priorities was recruiting a Chief Nursing Officer. Jeff Tatz of MSI was instrumental in identifying a number of candidates. He understood the culture and environment of quality we have set for ourselves. Jeff was always on top of things and worked with us closely so we could hire the right person."
Mark W. Caton, CEO
Northwest Regional Medical Center

"The day after we gave him the assignment, Jeff Tatz found us two qualified candidates in our search for a chief nursing officer. Jeff is pleasant, straightforward and committed to completing the task. He established his expectations for us and our expectations for him and told me exactly what he was going to do and did it. That's refreshingly different than most recruiters I have worked with. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again."
Warren Benincosa, CEO
Seneca Healthcare District

“I appreciate the way Jeff Tatz does business. He is organized, detail-oriented and available before and after business hours. Jeff shows respect for everyone’s time by carefully screening the candidates and preparing us for interviews. He makes my job easier.”
Sandy Moretz, COO and VP of Patient Care Services 
Twin County Community Hospital

“Most recruiters I’ve worked with are abrasive and are so intent on getting my attention that they drive me nuts. 
Jeff Tatz is different. His low-key, sensitive style is a real strength. He is so much easier to talk to and I can always rely on his prompt and complete follow up. I have seen him bend over backwards to help bring out the best in a candidate. It’s a pleasure to work with someone as genuine and caring as Jeff.”
Kathy Yeager, VP of Human Resources
Medical Center of Aurora


“Jeff Tatz worked like a dog for me. For about two years, I had wanted to relocate from Oregon to Virginia to be closer to family. Jeff is kind and considerate and asked the right questions. He understood my requirements and preferences. He kept checking in and would tell me about opportunities only where he thought I would be compatible. His diligence paid off. I am thoroughly enjoying my new job and home.” 
Kim Mills, Director of Surgical Services
Wythe County Community Hospital

“My career spans 30 years and I appreciate the dignity and respect Jeff Tatz showed me. Other recruiters I’ve worked with can be so pushy and harassing. Working with Jeff was refreshing. He was laid-back but always stayed on top of everything. While he offered valuable insights and made sure I was prepared for interviews, he also trusted that I knew what I was doing. It was clear that those at the facility thought highly of him, too, and that was important because he was representing me.” 
Liz Murrah, MS, RN, Administrative Director of Transplant Services 
Seton Medical Center

“I wasn’t looking for a new job when Jeff Tatz called me. Even though the position was a step up, I was concerned about applying for it because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to make a career change. Jeff methodically gathered all the data to see if it did make sense and gently guided the process. I am grateful to Jeff for making this move such a pleasant, comfortable experience.”
Mardean Haines, Director of EMS
Medical Center of Aurora

 I can’t  thank you enough Jeff for all of your help.  Without you and your help I might still be looking.

Faith Horton”

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